Why B.Ed??




Importance of B.Ed

People who want to build a career in teaching always come across this question, whether they do a B.Ed course or choose any other equivalent course. B.Ed today is not just an important course for teaching job aspirants but also a complete qualification requirement for becoming one. Looking at the importance of this course all the Government, Semi-Government & Private schools either Primary, Secondary or Senior-Secondary have made it mandatory for all its teaching staff to have a B.Ed degree.

4 Year Integrated B.Ed Course

Recently “NCTE” governing body of the teaching courses in India has introduced a new integrated professional course after 12th Class not just to decrease the time taken by the students to qualify B.Ed by one year but also to promote this course by making it more professional. This will be introduced in the session 2019-20 and the students with at-least 50% marks in their 12th standard will be eligible for the course. Their is still not much clarity on the entrance procedure and the fees for the course but it is assumed that the fees can be somewhere between 8000-12000 per semester with 8 semesters in the course and entrance can be based on merit or an entrance exam.

2 Year B.Ed Degree

The biggest question is what will happen to the now running 2 year B.Ed program, the good news is that for now it will continue for atleast next 3-5 years but this timeline has not yet been stated officially. Frankly speaking all those who are graduates and aspire to have a career in teaching should not wait any further and complete their B.Ed Degree. Also, for all the B.Tech graduates who want a career in teaching it is the most important thing as to get this degree immediately.

As far as BTC  degree is concerned, the future of the same is not looking very bright as government has made B.Ed graduates eligible for the Primary School jobs as well. So, yes their has been a change in the entire way NCTE courses will look but their is still a chance for all the Graduate and Post-Graduate students to apply for B.Ed and make the most out of this opportunity.


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